Puzzle Box 04

Siebenstein Spiele are a German company making some unique wooden puzzles and a relatively new addition for us here at Crux. I recently took a look at one of their puzzle boxes, Puzzle Box 04.

This is a nice mid-sized puzzle box and comes with two wooden ‘keys’ but there is no keyhole immediately visible. It feels like a fairly solid box with a jigsaw style pattern on top a piece that moves and gives you an easy starting point.

There are only a couple of steps required to open the box and I would think most people will be able to solve this in a fairly short amount of time but the solution is not one I have seen elsewhere and a fun one anyway.

Inside the box you’ll find a bit of space and it could be used to store some small objects or hide a gift for someone else.

Overall a nice puzzle box, not perhaps suitable if you have lots of experience and are looking for a challenge but definitely good for new puzzlers.



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