Balancing Act Puzzle Review



Balancing Act is a puzzle made by Creative Crafthouse of the US and their take on a classic design.

The premise is simple, try and balance six nails on the head of a seventh. A fun puzzle that reminds me of the kind of dinner table challenges we would try as a family with matches and coins.

This version is nicely made with sturdy solid feeling nails that aren’t too fiddly making it easier to play with. The fact it comes as a set with the base and cover to store it all in is a nice feature.

Once you sit down to attempt this I think everyone will realise fairly quickly you will need to create some kind of frame or structure to solve this but exactly what that looks like is the challenge.

I really like this puzzle as one you can share with family and friends and think everyone will enjoy having a go and trying their own theory.

If you’d like to check it out you can find Balancing Act here.


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