About Us

Crux Puzzles was newly established in 2019. The team behind it have been selling puzzles for years through the sister site Cascade but decided it was time to focus on offering the best puzzles we can find on a dedicated site. With an emphasis on sourcing the most interesting and unique puzzles from around the world we will continue to bring you the very best puzzles.

We are currently sharing our physical store with Cascade in the centre of Edinburgh and here you are able to view the puzzles and try out a selection we have open.

We carry a large range with difficulty levels to suit all abilities. The puzzles we carry include many from the highly respected Karakuri Creation Group in Japan, known for their craftsmanship and beauty. We also have the popular Hanayama puzzles, V-Cubes and Inside3 puzzles from France. If you are looking for a fun and engaging distraction or a present for someone who likes challenges then please take a look around.

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