Alchemist Puzzle Box


Can you solve the mystery of the Alchemist puzzle box and open the drawer?

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The Alchemist puzzle box is a fantastic design by Osamu Kasho of the Karakuri Creation Group.

On the top of the box you find a flask sitting on top of a pedestal with eight images around the outside. In order to solve the box and open the drawer you must solve the mystery of the eight symbols. Make a wrong move and you will find the drawer won’t open.

You should try and solve this while picturing the flask being full of liquid and trying not to spill any, hold it flat after each move.

Made from Walnut, Maple, Wendge, Magnolia and Cherry the box measures 132 x 147 x 130mm. The internal storage space is 105 x 104 x 22mm.

The solution is included.

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