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Centrale Box is a very clever design from Jean Claude Constantin. Can you open the drawer?

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Centrale Box is a very cleverly designed puzzle box from Jean-Claude Constantin.

The aim is to open the drawer but it is obviously not that simple! This is quite a challenging puzzle that might leave some stumped.

The box measures 88 x 80 x 46mm.

Please note there is no solution included.


Level 8

1 review for Centrale Box

  1. elibowes (verified owner)

    Visually its very pleasing and feels well made. Its small and compact but you can feel the locking parts shifting about inside. It has a good weight to it and you can tell that there is more going on inside than is at all apparent from just inspecting it.
    When you can work out what to do it’s very satisfying to solve and ‘feel’ and hear whats going on inside to be able to open the drawer.

    It was easier than I expected I am by no means a MENSA member but even so, the limited options and perhaps the forgivingness of the material (as opposed to say metal) means that you don’t have to be especially precise, in fact, rather disappointingly I opened it by accident almost immediately by just rotating it around an gently shaking it.
    Obviously I could not reproduce that and it took a further 10/15 minutes of thought, trial and error to be able to repeat the feat.
    Overall it is a good little puzzle that has whet my appetite to try more complicated versions.
    Worth noting that the draws internal dimensions are very small, and it doesn’t open all the way. You could probably fit three £1 coins in it.
    *Potential Spoiler*
    There is an unusual carving on the top which is a kind of map of the device and if you can establish what it means in relation to what your doing, then you will be able to figure out how to unlock the drawer.

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