Detective Stories 1 - The Fire in Alderstein


The Fire in Alderstein is a fun game designed for 1-5 players and puts you in the shoes of the detective to try and crack the case.

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The Fire in Alderstein is an interactive game where you must review the evidence and clues in order to solve the criminal case.

Putting you in the shoes of the detective this game is suitable for 1-5 players and is likely to take around 90-120 minutes to solve.

There has been a suspicious fire that has led to the death of a citizen of Alderstein. A journalist has been charged but he has collected a lot of evidence to prove his innocence. You must determine if he is telling the truth and if so who the true criminal is.

A fun game for multiple players. As no parts are used or destroyed while playing this can be used many times.

All materials are in English.

Please note you will need to use the internet in order to play this.

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