Dice Puzzle Box

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A fun puzzle that would look great on a shelf or coffee table.

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The Dice puzzle box was created by Akio Kamei part of the Karakuri Creation Goup from Japan.

As you would expect the craftmanship is exquisite. This is both a beautiful object and an intriguing puzzle box.

Once opened there is room to store something inside the box if you would like to.

A fun object for a coffee table or shelf to invite guests to try and solve.

It measures 80m x 80mm x 80mm and is made from walnut.

Weight 0.4 kg

Level 6

1 review for Dice Puzzle Box

  1. stefan.borgert (verified owner)

    Really nice made, although not very difficult. But the craftmanship on the other hand, is really amazing. Great mechanism, and although it shouldnt take many minutes to solve, its still a really nice piece that fits well into any collection out there.

    Just dont look at the little piece of paper inside the box before you attempt to solve it, because the picture really ruins the surprise!

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