Feed The Monkey


Feed The Monkey is a playful puzzle from the Two Brass Monkeys. Can you feed the monkey all the bananas?


Feed The Monkey is a playful take on a packing puzzle by Two Brass Monkeys.

Designed in the UK the aim is to feed the monkey all the bananas. The greedy monkey has eaten nearly all the bananas but left the largest to last and can’t fit it in. You must try and work out how to make the monkey finish every piece.

The ends are made from brass with a powder coated aluminium body. The bananas are machined from brass.

Fully fed the monkey weighs 563g and measures 90 x 32mm.

Available in male and female, the only difference is a pair of eyelashes on the female monkey.

It also comes in a hilarious banana bag!

Weight 0.7 kg

Female, Male


Level 7


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