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Flohcircus is a very interesting puzzle box from Jean-Claude Constantin.

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Flohcircux is an intriguing looking puzzle box from Jean-Claude Constantin.

Made in from wood with sliding elements under plexi glass on the front and a wooden hemisphere on the back.

Flohcircus translates into English as ‘flea circus’. Is this a clue or not…

The box measures 85 x 80 x 70mm.

Please note the box comes without packaging or a solution

Weight 0.3 kg

Level 6

1 review for Flohcircus

  1. two4go (verified owner)

    Very happy with the delivery as it came on time and was well packaged. The Flohcircus is realy nice to look at is well made and the smell of wood is grate. This is only my 2nd box puzzle and i was hopeing for a chaleng sadly i solved this puzzle with in a few minuets. I noticed that on the box i receved there is an extra step compaird to the picture which is a good thing as i probably would have soved it even quicker with out it.

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