Ichthyostega Puzzle Box


The Ichthyostega puzzle box is a fun design from Yoh Kakuda that was made for an exhibition around the theme ‘Ancient Times’.

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The Ichthyostega puzzle box is a design form Yoh Kakuda of the Karakuri Creation Group.

It was designed for an exhibition based around the theme ‘Ancient Times’ and the Ichthyostega is thought to be one of the earliest amphibians. It was from a time when fins of fishes were gradually changing to legs, it’s unclear if they could walk properly though. Perhaps it was only the front legs that pulled them…

Made from Magnolia and Walnut the box measures 221 x 83 x 51mm with an internal storage space of 68.5 x 25 x 14mm.

This puzzle does come with the solution.

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