NKD Mecanigma Puzzle Box Kit


The Mecanigma Puzzle box kit is a serious project and lots of fun to build and solve!

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The Mecanigma Puzzle box from NKD Puzzles is a thing of wonder! This is a kit version that allows you to construct the puzzle box from the 541 pieces.

Inspired by the Steampunk universe the finished box looks amazing and requires 15 steps to open it. There are gears and articulated mechanisms that make it look like it was conceived during the Industrial Revolution. There is a small storage space within where you can keep small objects.

Due to the size and complexity of the construction involved we recommend this kit for adults only.

The pieces for the puzzle are cut from Poplar Plywood in the NKD factory based in France.

When constructed the puzzle box measures roughly 170 x 170 x 160mm.

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Level 6


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