Peg Jump 6


Peg Jump 6 is a classic puzzle where the aim is to remove all but one peg.

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Peg Jump 6 is an advanced version of the classic 5 wide triangle jump puzzle.

You set the puzzle up with pegs in all holes other than one then jump one peg over an adjacent one in either a row, column or diagonally. You remove the peg that was ‘jumped’ and are trying to end up with only one left.

A tricky puzzle and you can keep a track of how well you do by the remaining pegs.

The puzzle comes as a neat box with the playable board on the lid, this means you can store the pegs when not in use.

Made in the US this measures 101 x 89 x 44mm in the box. Each peg is 32mm high and the colour of these may vary.

The solutio is included.

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