Penny Drop


Penny Drop is a fun game that can be played between 2 or more players.

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Penny Drop is a fun game for two or more players. This version is made from solid wood, has a maple top and includes a 7/8″ handmade wooden dice.

Each player starts with 12 US pennies (in the UK it works with the 5p) and the aim is to get rid of all of your coins first.

Handmade by Creative Crafthouse in their Florida workshop.



1. Determine who goes first by each player rolling the single dice cube. Highest # goes first; then play proceeds in a clockwise direction.

2. Player rolls the die and must put a penny in the game board slot corresponding to the number shown on the die.

3. If the player rolls a number that already has a penny in it, they must take all of the pennies showing on the board and then the turn goes to the next player

4. A player must take at least one roll, but can take as many rolls as they want until they get stuck as in rule #3.

5. Hole number 6 lets the penny go inside the box so you can roll as many as 6’s as possible without penalty

6. Play continues until a player runs out of pennies and is declared the winner. The pennies are redistributed to start the next game.

7. A fun way to wager on the game would be for each player to put a quarter or a sum of money inside the box prior to the game starting. The winner would then be awarded that money.



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