Rademic Hedgehog In The Cage Antiq


The Rademic Antiq is a beautiful brass version of the Hedgehog in the Cage style of puzzle.

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The Rademic Antiq puzzle is inspired by an illustration in a magazine from back in 1940.

The aim is to remove the nine spiked ‘hedgehog’ from the cage and this is a fairly tricky version.

Made from solid brass the puzzle looks great and has a nice sound when you’re playing with it.

A real map of the Shadow District is included and will help you discover the real secret of the puzzle! You will also find a game that involves a search for hidden clues. Using the hedgehog as a key and other aides you should discover the hidden message.

The puzzle measures 45 x 55mm and weighs 267g. It comes with a nice leather storage bag.

Please note the solution is not included.

Weight 0.4 kg

Level 6


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