Square Wave - Coral Red


The Square Wave is a beautiful kinetic piece of art that moves in mesmerizing patterns.

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The Square Wave is a fascinating piece of kinetic art designed by UK artist Ivan Black.

Inspired by Fibonacci’s mathematical sequence the Square Wave is made up of 24 connected metal rods which create some facinating patterns once movement is introduced.

You can hold it in your hands and spin it or hang it from the ceiling (basic fittings included) and have it as a kinetic sculpture. The metalwork is treated for outdoor use as well so you can actually have it as a garden sculpture too.

Pair with a magnetic stand and this makes an excellent display piece for a shelf or desk that is hard not to keep playing with.

Handmade in Italy the Square Wave measures 25 x 25cm and weighs 110g. They come with a basic hanging kit inside a nice presentation box.

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