Tesla's Box


Tesla’s Box is a puzzle box that transports you back to the 1900s and features a truely unique design.

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Tesla’s Box is the first puzzle box from Mysteries Co based in Canada.

The handmade box looks like an artefact from the lab of Nikola Tesla and the aim is to make the plasma ball on top light up.

You will first discover the introduction paper and then have to follow the clues to try and solve the box. This box varies from others we stock in that it can be fun for multiple people to try and solve at the same time.

A really unique puzzle box that looks fantastic on display and is also lots of fun to solve. Each one is handmade by Andy Gilker in Canada.

It comes with an extension cable, which must be plugged in to solve. We will include a UK adaptor but depending on your location you may need to purchase a suitable adaptor for your country.

The solution is included.

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