Timber Line Puzzle

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The Timber Line puzzle has seventeen ‘logs’ which must be organised so there is a level timber line.

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The Timber Line puzzle is made of seventeen logs which must be arranged in the frame so that a level timber line is achieved.

A fun one to play with it seems like it should be easier than it really is. The logs are different lengths, there are also different starting heights plus to begin with you don’t know where the timber line should be!

Ideal for a coffee table or desk as it is very easy to play around with for a while, it can become a little addictive.

Comes with a matching wooden cover and a written solution is provided.

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1 review for Timber Line Puzzle

  1. jimkennaugh (verified owner)

    I love this, a lot of the take apart/reassemble puzzles drive me mad but the simplicity and just fiddling around with it is quite relaxing. Millimetres away from solving it but quite happy to keep starting over.

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