Jigsaws 100-499 Pieces

These smaller sized jigsaws are ideal for an evening of peaceful puzzling. Available in a range of standard and premium wooden jigsaws.


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Woosaic Kids Dinosaur Wooden JigsawWoosaic Kids Dinosaur Wooden Jigsaw
Alluring Fox Wooden JigsawAlluring Fox Wooden Jigsaw
Alluring Fox Wooden Jigsaw Sale priceFrom £29.95
Charming Owl Wooden JigsawCharming Owl Wooden Jigsaw
Charming Owl Wooden Jigsaw Sale priceFrom £29.95
A Vintage Christmas Jigsaw PuzzleA Vintage Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle
A Vintage Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £32.00
Adoration Of The Magi Jigsaw PuzzleAdoration Of The Magi Jigsaw Puzzle
Adoration Of The Magi Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £32.00
Bringing Home The Tree Jigsaw PuzzleBringing Home The Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
Bringing Home The Tree Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £32.00
Wildlife Jigsaw PuzzleWildlife Jigsaw Puzzle
Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle Sale price£32.00
Cosy Evenings Jigsaw PuzzleCosy Evenings Jigsaw Puzzle
Cosy Evenings Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £32.00
Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar Jigsaw PuzzleWinter Wonderland Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle
Crux IsoFade Wooden Jigsaw - 300pcCrux IsoFade Wooden Jigsaw - 300pc
The Alcazar Basin Jigsaw PuzzleThe Alcazar Basin Jigsaw Puzzle
Flowers For All Jigsaw PuzzleFlowers For All Jigsaw Puzzle
The PandasThe Pandas
The Pandas Sale price£79.95
Resplendent Quetzal Jigsaw PuzzleResplendent Quetzal Jigsaw Puzzle
The Bridge At Meguro Jigsaw PuzzleThe Bridge At Meguro Jigsaw Puzzle
The Zojoji Temple Jigsaw PuzzleThe Zojoji Temple Jigsaw Puzzle
Coffee in the Garden Jigsaw PuzzleCoffee in the Garden Jigsaw Puzzle
The Gardens of Alcazar Jigsaw PuzzleThe Gardens of Alcazar Jigsaw Puzzle
Toucans a Carene Jigsaw PuzzleToucans a Carene Jigsaw Puzzle