Jean Claude Constantin

Jean Claude Constantin is a puzzle designer based in Germany. He makes a variety of styles of puzzles and works in different materials to create some very interesting pieces.


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Wild Horses PuzzleWild Horses Puzzle
Wild Horses Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Monkey Madness PuzzleMonkey Madness Puzzle
Monkey Madness Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Cat Basket PuzzleCat Basket Puzzle
Cat Basket Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Elephant Parade PuzzleElephant Parade Puzzle
Elephant Parade Puzzle Sale price£7.95
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Peppermint Stick - 4 PiecesPeppermint Stick - 4 Pieces
Sold out
U-Twins Sale price£9.95
Trick Bolt #1Trick Bolt #1
Trick Bolt #1 Sale price£9.95
Trick Bolt #2Trick Bolt #2
Trick Bolt #2 Sale price£9.95
Metal Phone PuzzleMetal Phone Puzzle
Metal Phone Puzzle Sale price£10.95
Metal Light Bulb PuzzleMetal Light Bulb Puzzle
Metal Light Bulb Puzzle Sale price£10.95
Metal Bike PuzzleMetal Bike Puzzle
Metal Bike Puzzle Sale price£10.95
C'est la Vie PuzzleC'est la Vie Puzzle
C'est la Vie Puzzle Sale price£12.95
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Vis Sale price£14.95
Heart Lock PuzzleHeart Lock Puzzle
Heart Lock Puzzle Sale price£15.95
Centrale PuzzleCentrale Puzzle
Centrale Puzzle Sale price£15.95
Eye of Horus PuzzleEye of Horus Puzzle
Eye of Horus Puzzle Sale price£15.95
JC's Lock PuzzleJC's Lock Puzzle
JC's Lock Puzzle Sale price£15.95
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Hidden CorridorHidden Corridor
Hidden Corridor Sale price£17.95
Tough MeasuresTough Measures
Tough Measures Sale price£17.95
The Waiter's TrayThe Waiter's Tray
The Waiter's Tray Sale price£17.95