Maze Puzzles

In order to solve these puzzles you need to navigate a maze. Although sometimes it is not just one maze or perhaps you want to pit yourself against the blind mazes of Inside3.


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Inside3 Mean NoVice PuzzleInside3 Mean NoVice Puzzle
Inside3 Mean NoVice Puzzle Sale price£10.95
Inside3 Mean Zero PuzzleInside3 Mean Zero Puzzle
Inside3 Mean Zero Puzzle Sale price£16.95
Inside3 Cthulu Phantom PuzzleInside3 Cthulu Phantom Puzzle
Inside3 Awful Zero PuzzleInside3 Awful Zero Puzzle
Inside3 Awful Zero Puzzle Sale price£16.95
Hanayama Cast Medallion PuzzleHanayama Cast Medallion Puzzle
Inside3 Regular NoVice PuzzleInside3 Regular NoVice Puzzle
Inside3 Vicious Zero PuzzleInside3 Vicious Zero Puzzle
Inside3 Vicious Zero Puzzle Sale price£16.95
Inside3 Awful Phantom PuzzleInside3 Awful Phantom Puzzle
Inside3 Easy NoVice PuzzleInside3 Easy NoVice Puzzle
Inside3 Easy NoVice Puzzle Sale price£10.95
The Waiter's TrayThe Waiter's Tray
The Waiter's Tray Sale price£17.95
Inside3 Easy Zero PuzzleInside3 Easy Zero Puzzle
Inside3 Easy Zero Puzzle Sale price£16.95
Inside3 Mortal Zero PuzzleInside3 Mortal Zero Puzzle
Inside3 Mortal Zero Puzzle Sale price£16.95
Inside3 Mean Phantom PuzzleInside3 Mean Phantom Puzzle
Inside3 Mean Phantom Puzzle Sale price£17.95
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PLD Puzzle BoxPLD Puzzle Box
PLD Puzzle Box Sale price£39.95
Safe - Maze PuzzleSafe - Maze Puzzle
Safe - Maze Puzzle Sale price£29.95
Constantin Double TroubleConstantin Double Trouble
Constantin Double Trouble Sale price£19.95
Gearly Sale price£64.95
Solaris Puzzle BoxSolaris Puzzle Box
Solaris Puzzle Box Sale price£64.95
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Hidden CorridorHidden Corridor
Hidden Corridor Sale price£17.95
Labyrinth Puzzle BoxLabyrinth Puzzle Box
Labyrinth Puzzle Box Sale price£84.95
A-maze-ing SafeA-maze-ing Safe
A-maze-ing Safe Sale price£27.95
Rademic Amulet PuzzleRademic Amulet Puzzle
Rademic Amulet Puzzle Sale price£169.95