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Puzzles for the curious mind.

Crux Puzzles was established in 2019. The team behind it have been selling puzzles for years through the sister site Cascade but decided it was time to focus on offering the best puzzles we can find on a dedicated site. After a brief period of having a physical store we went purely online in 2021. With an emphasis on sourcing the most interesting and unique puzzles from around the world we will continue to bring you the very best designs we can find. Puzzles have captivated people for hundreds of years and appeal to our problem solving nature. We invite you to join us down the rabbit hole!

Henry, Kyle, Colin and Dean 

Bringing you the best puzzles from around the world.

We carry a large range with difficulty levels to suit all abilities. The puzzles we carry include many from the highly respected Karakuri Creation Group in Japan, known for their craftsmanship and beauty. We also have the popular Hanayama puzzles, a range of pocket sized metal puzzles with difficulty ranging from complete novice through to grand master.

Our aim is to curate the best selection of puzzles on the planet, this often means working with small batch makers so our range can change fairly quickly. If you are looking for a fun and engaging distraction or a present for someone who likes challenges, our site is full of puzzles for the curious mind.

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Head over to our Youtube Channel and watch us try to solve some of the world's most difficult puzzles.

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Unlocking your imagination, piece by piece.

You'll also find a wide and growing range of beautiful jigsaw puzzles. Again we curate for quality with mainly wooden jigsaw puzzles from some of the most respected makers including Wentworth and Puzzle Michelle Wilson. Many have re-discovered the enjoyment of unplugging and relaxing for a few hours piecing together a work of art. On our shelves you'll find designs ranging from traditional country scenes to contemporary abstract images meaning there is something for everyone.

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