Brain Boggling Puzzles

We have curated some of what we believe are the hardest puzzles in the world, or at least that we stock. These are very difficult puzzles that will keep you busy for a while!


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Metal Bike PuzzleMetal Bike Puzzle
Metal Bike Puzzle Sale price£10.95
Hanyama Cast Vortex Puzzle
Hanyama Cast Vortex Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Hanayama Cast Enigma Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Enigma Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Inside3 Cthulu Phantom PuzzleInside3 Cthulu Phantom Puzzle
Meffert's MegaminxMeffert's Megaminx
Meffert's Megaminx Sale price£19.95
Fractal Tray PuzzlesFractal Tray Puzzles
Fractal Tray Puzzles Sale price£24.95
Pond 12 PuzzlePond 12 Puzzle
Pond 12 Puzzle Sale price£27.95
Jailbreak 4.0 Secret Escape Puzzle BoxJailbreak 4.0 Secret Escape Puzzle Box
Circle Pack 13Circle Pack 13
Circle Pack 13 Sale price£31.95
King Snake 4x4x4King Snake 4x4x4
King Snake 4x4x4 Sale price£33.95
Calibron 12Calibron 12
Calibron 12 Sale price£39.95
Try-Bal Cube PuzzleTry-Bal Cube Puzzle
Try-Bal Cube Puzzle Sale price£39.95
Titan Puzzle
Titan Puzzle Sale price£129.95
Rademic HexahogRademic Hexahog
Rademic Hexahog Sale price£139.95
DanLock PuzzleDanLock Puzzle
DanLock Puzzle Sale price£179.95
Piston Puzzle
Piston Puzzle Sale price£210.00