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These are the latest puzzles to hit our shelves. Some of these may be limited edition but all of them will be lots of fun and a good challenge to play with.


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Cluebox - Sherlock's Camera Puzzle BoxCluebox - Sherlock's Camera Puzzle Box
Spinning Tumblers v2Spinning Tumblers v2
Spinning Tumblers v2 Sale price£149.95
10 Penny Puzzle10 Penny Puzzle
10 Penny Puzzle Sale price£9.95
Blackbeard's Compass Puzzle BoxBlackbeard's Compass Puzzle Box
Pond 12 PuzzlePond 12 Puzzle
Pond 12 Puzzle Sale price£27.95
A-maze-ing SafeA-maze-ing Safe
A-maze-ing Safe Sale price£27.95
The Case of Sherlock's Lock PuzzleThe Case of Sherlock's Lock Puzzle
Centrale PuzzleCentrale Puzzle
Centrale Puzzle Sale price£15.95
The Case of the Missing PieceThe Case of the Missing Piece
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Lunch Box PuzzleLunch Box Puzzle
Lunch Box Puzzle Sale price£189.95
Sold out
Keebox Yellow Puzzle BoxKeebox Yellow Puzzle Box
Keebox Yellow Puzzle Box Sale price£79.95
60 Alpha Puzzle60 Alpha Puzzle
60 Alpha Puzzle Sale price£29.95
OMPIC PuzzleOMPIC Puzzle
OMPIC Puzzle Sale price£27.95
A Bolt From The Blue PuzzleA Bolt From The Blue Puzzle
A Bolt From The Blue Puzzle Sale price£64.95
Sold out
Meffert's Molecube PuzzleMeffert's Molecube Puzzle
Meffert's Molecube Puzzle Sale price£17.95
Eleven L's PuzzleEleven L's Puzzle
Eleven L's Puzzle Sale price£23.95
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Keebox Blue Puzzle BoxKeebox Blue Puzzle Box
Keebox Blue Puzzle Box Sale price£41.95
Hanayama Cast Ripple PuzzleHanayama Cast Ripple Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Ripple Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Cigar Trick BoxCigar Trick Box
Cigar Trick Box Sale price£27.95
The Locked Wine PuzzleThe Locked Wine Puzzle
The Locked Wine Puzzle Sale price£13.95