Lock Puzzles

This is a collection of lock puzzles. Adapted and custom made padlocks or other lock mechanisms that range in difficulty. Some of the most well known include the Dan Lock and B-Lock from Israel.


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Voidlock - WoodVoidlock - Wood
Voidlock - Wood Sale price£24.95
HoKey CoKey LockHoKey CoKey Lock
HoKey CoKey Lock Sale price£69.95
DanLock PuzzleDanLock Puzzle
DanLock Puzzle Sale price£179.95
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Schloss 250+Schloss 250+
Schloss 250+ Sale price£39.95
Heart Lock PuzzleHeart Lock Puzzle
Heart Lock Puzzle Sale price£15.95
B-Lock II PuzzleB-Lock II Puzzle
B-Lock II Puzzle Sale price£84.95
Zahlenschloss Sale price£33.95
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Lock 64Lock 64
Lock 64 Sale price£43.95
Fun Lock PuzzleFun Lock Puzzle
Fun Lock Puzzle Sale price£69.95
B-Lock PuzzleB-Lock Puzzle
B-Lock Puzzle Sale price£94.95
Schiebeschloss MetalSchiebeschloss Metal
Schiebeschloss Metal Sale price£59.95
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Voidlock - MetalVoidlock - Metal
Voidlock - Metal Sale price£99.95
Loki PuzzleLoki Puzzle
Loki Puzzle Sale price£209.95
The Case of Sherlock's Lock PuzzleThe Case of Sherlock's Lock Puzzle
Loophole Lock PuzzleLoophole Lock Puzzle
Loophole Lock Puzzle Sale price£99.95
PicoLock PuzzlePicoLock Puzzle
PicoLock Puzzle Sale price£119.95
Hokey Pokey Lock PuzzleHokey Pokey Lock Puzzle
Hokey Pokey Lock Puzzle Sale price£84.95
JC's Lock PuzzleJC's Lock Puzzle
JC's Lock Puzzle Sale price£15.95