Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are our favourite in terms of how they look. Many puzzles we stock are made with hardwood and some also come with wooden boxes or casings. With a range of difficulties to suit all levels these make great gifts.


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Cat Basket PuzzleCat Basket Puzzle
Cat Basket Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Elephant Parade PuzzleElephant Parade Puzzle
Elephant Parade Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Monkey Madness PuzzleMonkey Madness Puzzle
Monkey Madness Puzzle Sale price£7.95
One Minute PuzzleOne Minute Puzzle
One Minute Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Wild Horses PuzzleWild Horses Puzzle
Wild Horses Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Double Square Puzzle
Double Square Puzzle Sale price£8.50
2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle
2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle Sale price£8.95
10 Penny Puzzle10 Penny Puzzle
10 Penny Puzzle Sale price£9.95
Cross OutCross Out
Cross Out Sale price£9.95
Math Snake 9Math Snake 9
Math Snake 9 Sale price£9.95
Maths Snake Puzzle - 7 BlockMaths Snake Puzzle - 7 Block
Double Trouble String PuzzleDouble Trouble String Puzzle
3L Puzzle3L Puzzle
3L Puzzle Sale price£11.95
The Case of the Secret Society PuzzleThe Case of the Secret Society Puzzle
3 Piece Pyramid Puzzle - Triangulator3 Piece Pyramid Puzzle - Triangulator
Sold out
Fur Elise Puzzle - Mini VersionFur Elise Puzzle - Mini Version
Pets PuzzlePets Puzzle
Pets Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Which Is LargerWhich Is Larger
Which Is Larger Sale price£13.95
Cube Vinco PuzzleCube Vinco Puzzle
Cube Vinco Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Saddle The Horses PuzzleSaddle The Horses Puzzle
Saddle The Horses Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Cross SticksCross Sticks
Cross Sticks Sale price£14.95
Square AC2 PuzzleSquare AC2 Puzzle
Square AC2 Puzzle Sale price£14.95