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We stock some of the most well respected puzzle brands from around the world. This includes some artisan hand made puzzle boxes from the Karakuri Creation Group in Japan and some patented speed cubes from V-Cubes in Greece.


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GAN Triangular Cube StandGAN Triangular Cube Stand
GAN Triangular Cube Stand Sale price£2.95
Sold out
NKD Bird Card KitNKD Bird Card Kit
NKD Bird Card Kit Sale price£4.95
Sold out
Escape From The Museum GameEscape From The Museum Game
Escape From The Space Station Mini GameEscape From The Space Station Mini Game
GAN Display StandGAN Display Stand
GAN Display Stand Sale price£6.95
Save £7.50
Cloudberries Hideaway Jigsaw - 500 PiecesCloudberries Hideaway Jigsaw - 500 Pieces
Cloudberries Hideaway Jigsaw - 500 Pieces Sale price£7.49 Regular price£14.99
One Minute PuzzleOne Minute Puzzle
One Minute Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Wild Horses PuzzleWild Horses Puzzle
Wild Horses Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Monkey Madness PuzzleMonkey Madness Puzzle
Monkey Madness Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Cat Basket PuzzleCat Basket Puzzle
Cat Basket Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Elephant Parade PuzzleElephant Parade Puzzle
Elephant Parade Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Dynacube Sale price£7.95
Double Square Puzzle
Double Square Puzzle Sale price£8.50
Chichen Itza PuzzleChichen Itza Puzzle
Chichen Itza Puzzle Sale price£8.95
Sold out
The Chimera PuzzleThe Chimera Puzzle
The Chimera Puzzle Sale price£8.95
2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle
2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle Sale price£8.95
Broken Twig PuzzleBroken Twig Puzzle
Broken Twig Puzzle Sale price£8.95
Out in the Moonlight Jigsaw PuzzleOut in the Moonlight Jigsaw Puzzle
Out in the Moonlight Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £9.50
Springtime in Eskdale Jigsaw PuzzleSpringtime in Eskdale Jigsaw Puzzle
Sky Roads Jigsaw PuzzleSky Roads Jigsaw Puzzle
Sky Roads Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £9.50