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This is a selection of interesting puzzles that come in a variety of different styles. They may be take apart puzzles or mazes with some unusual and fun designs found here.


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Dynacube Sale price£7.95
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Vis Sale price£14.95
Nails - Balancing Act PuzzleNails - Balancing Act Puzzle
Penny DropPenny Drop
Penny Drop Sale price£29.95
Magnificent Matchstick PuzzlesMagnificent Matchstick Puzzles
20 Cent Box20 Cent Box
20 Cent Box Sale price£29.95
Tough MeasuresTough Measures
Tough Measures Sale price£17.95
Tower of Hanoi - 7 RingTower of Hanoi - 7 Ring
Tower of Hanoi - 7 Ring Sale price£19.95
Alberti Cipher DiskAlberti Cipher Disk
Alberti Cipher Disk Sale price£29.95
Useless Machine 2.0Useless Machine 2.0
Useless Machine 2.0 Sale price£19.95
NKD Toupunk Spinning Top KitNKD Toupunk Spinning Top Kit
Tower of Hanoi - 9 RingTower of Hanoi - 9 Ring
Tower of Hanoi - 9 Ring Sale price£28.95
6 Key Puzzle Box6 Key Puzzle Box
6 Key Puzzle Box Sale price£99.95
A-maze-ing SafeA-maze-ing Safe
A-maze-ing Safe Sale price£27.95
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NKD Bird Card KitNKD Bird Card Kit
NKD Bird Card Kit Sale price£4.95
Puzzle Christmas CrackersPuzzle Christmas Crackers
Puzzle Christmas Crackers Sale price£25.00
The Case of Sherlock's Lock PuzzleThe Case of Sherlock's Lock Puzzle
Ali's Bolt PuzzleAli's Bolt Puzzle
Ali's Bolt Puzzle Sale price£62.95
The Case of The Smoking Pipe PuzzleThe Case of The Smoking Pipe Puzzle
Braindice PuzzleBraindice Puzzle
Braindice Puzzle Sale price£17.95