Packing Puzzles

Packing puzzles refer to a style where you must fit all the pieces into a given space. This could be a 2D puzzle or a 3D puzzle and come in a range of difficulties.


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Calibron 12Calibron 12
Calibron 12 Sale price£39.95
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Devils ChessboardDevils Chessboard
Devils Chessboard Sale price£26.95
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Stomachion PuzzleStomachion Puzzle
Stomachion Puzzle Sale price£38.95
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Shippers Dilemma - ZShippers Dilemma - Z
Shippers Dilemma - Z Sale price£19.95
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Quadro Sale price£37.95
Martin's Menace - SmallMartin's Menace - Small
Martin's Menace - Small Sale price£16.95
Martin's Menace - LargeMartin's Menace - Large
Martin's Menace - Large Sale price£30.95
Timber Line PuzzleTimber Line Puzzle
Timber Line Puzzle Sale price£27.95
Kepler Sale price£84.95
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Log Jam PuzzleLog Jam Puzzle
Log Jam Puzzle Sale price£18.95
Penny Packer 16
Penny Packer 16 Sale price£12.95
Cruiser Sale price£16.95
Circle Pack 13Circle Pack 13
Circle Pack 13 Sale price£31.95
Five Fit PuzzleFive Fit Puzzle
Five Fit Puzzle Sale price£29.95
Haselgrove BoxHaselgrove Box
Haselgrove Box Sale price£24.95
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Half Hour PuzzleHalf Hour Puzzle
Half Hour Puzzle Sale price£22.95
Jigsaw 29 PuzzleJigsaw 29 Puzzle
Jigsaw 29 Puzzle Sale price£11.95
Wave 7 PuzzleWave 7 Puzzle
Wave 7 Puzzle Sale price£23.95
Jigsaw 19 PuzzleJigsaw 19 Puzzle
Jigsaw 19 Puzzle Sale price£11.95
Tough MeasuresTough Measures
Tough Measures Sale price£17.95
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Count On Me!Count On Me!
Count On Me! Sale price£23.95
10 Penny Puzzle10 Penny Puzzle
10 Penny Puzzle Sale price£9.95