Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse is a USA based puzzle manufacturer. They work primarily in wood and create a wide range of interesting puzzles with some of their own unique design.


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Double Square Puzzle
Double Square Puzzle Sale price£8.50
2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle
2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle Sale price£8.95
Cross OutCross Out
Cross Out Sale price£9.95
Maths Snake Puzzle - 7 BlockMaths Snake Puzzle - 7 Block
Math Snake 9Math Snake 9
Math Snake 9 Sale price£9.95
10 Penny Puzzle10 Penny Puzzle
10 Penny Puzzle Sale price£9.95
Double Trouble String PuzzleDouble Trouble String Puzzle
3L Puzzle3L Puzzle
3L Puzzle Sale price£11.95
Hanayama Cast O'Gear Puzzle
Hanayama Cast O'Gear Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Penny Packer 16
Penny Packer 16 Sale price£12.95
3 Piece Pyramid Puzzle - Triangulator3 Piece Pyramid Puzzle - Triangulator
Which Is LargerWhich Is Larger
Which Is Larger Sale price£13.95
Saddle The Horses PuzzleSaddle The Horses Puzzle
Saddle The Horses Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Sold out
9 Piece Pyramid Puzzle9 Piece Pyramid Puzzle
9 Piece Pyramid Puzzle Sale price£14.95
Cross SticksCross Sticks
Cross Sticks Sale price£14.95
Nails - Balancing Act PuzzleNails - Balancing Act Puzzle
Sold out
Pyramid Cage PuzzlePyramid Cage Puzzle
Pyramid Cage Puzzle Sale price£15.95
Cruiser Sale price£16.95
Sold out
Soma Cube - Medium RubberwoodSoma Cube - Medium Rubberwood
Tangram Puzzle - 7 PiecesTangram Puzzle - 7 Pieces
Tangram Puzzle - 7 Pieces Sale price£16.95