Escape Welt

Escape Welt makes a range of wooden puzzle boxes that are designed to emulate the escape room experience. All are able to be reset and enjoyed again and again.


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Quest Ball Secret BoxQuest Ball Secret Box
Quest Ball Secret Box Sale price£34.95
Orbital Puzzle BoxOrbital Puzzle Box
Orbital Puzzle Box Sale price£37.95
Space Puzzle BoxSpace Puzzle Box
Space Puzzle Box Sale price£39.95
House of Dragon Puzzle BoxHouse of Dragon Puzzle Box
House of Dragon Puzzle Box Sale price£41.95
Quest Pyramid PuzzleQuest Pyramid Puzzle
Quest Pyramid Puzzle Sale price£41.95
Fort Knox Pro Puzzle BoxFort Knox Pro Puzzle Box
Fort Knox Pro Puzzle Box Sale price£41.95
Quest Tower Puzzle BoxQuest Tower Puzzle Box
Quest Tower Puzzle Box Sale price£44.95
Blackbeard's Compass Puzzle BoxBlackbeard's Compass Puzzle Box