V-Cube is a cube based company from Greece. They have a patented design and many notice the smoothness of the cubes compared with other brands. With sizes from 2x2x2 through to 9x9x9 these are great for speedcubers.


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V-Cube 2x2x2
V-Cube 2x2x2 Sale price£9.95
V-Cube 3x3x3
V-Cube 3x3x3 Sale price£10.95
V-Cube 4x4x4
V-Cube 4x4x4 Sale price£17.95
V-Cube 5x5x5V-Cube 5x5x5
V-Cube 5x5x5 Sale price£19.95
V-Cube 3x3x3 - SudokuV-Cube 3x3x3 - Sudoku
V-Cube 3x3x3 - Sudoku Sale price£19.95
V-Cube 6x6x6
V-Cube 6x6x6 Sale price£25.95
V-Cube 7x7x7
V-Cube 7x7x7 Sale price£28.95
V-Cube 8x8x8
V-Cube 8x8x8 Sale price£44.95