Here you will find a range of beautiful jigsaw puzzles. We carry some beautiful modern designs that are perfect for a rainy day.


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Cloudberries Hideaway Jigsaw - 500 PiecesCloudberries Hideaway Jigsaw - 500 Pieces
Cloudberries Hideaway Jigsaw - 500 Pieces Sale price£7.49 Regular price£14.99
Sky Roads Jigsaw PuzzleSky Roads Jigsaw Puzzle
Sky Roads Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £9.50
Springtime in Eskdale Jigsaw PuzzleSpringtime in Eskdale Jigsaw Puzzle
Out in the Moonlight Jigsaw PuzzleOut in the Moonlight Jigsaw Puzzle
Out in the Moonlight Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £9.50
Three Kings Jigsaw PuzzleThree Kings Jigsaw Puzzle
Three Kings Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £10.00
Venice in the Snow Jigsaw PuzzleVenice in the Snow Jigsaw Puzzle
Venice in the Snow Jigsaw Puzzle Sale priceFrom £10.00
Crux Gift Card
Crux Gift Card Sale priceFrom £10.00
Perry the Penguin Jigsaw PuzzlePerry the Penguin Jigsaw Puzzle
Rudolph the Reindeer Jigsaw PuzzleRudolph the Reindeer Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw 19 PuzzleJigsaw 19 Puzzle
Jigsaw 19 Puzzle Sale price£11.95
Jigsaw 29 PuzzleJigsaw 29 Puzzle
Jigsaw 29 Puzzle Sale price£11.95
The Case of the Missing PieceThe Case of the Missing Piece
Cloudberries Whale Jigsaw - 500 piecesCloudberries Whale Jigsaw - 500 pieces
Cloudberries Cascade Jigsaw - 500 PiecesCloudberries Cascade Jigsaw - 500 Pieces
Cloudberries Backyard Jigsaw - 1000 PiecesCloudberries Backyard Jigsaw - 1000 Pieces
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Cloudberries Skyline Jigsaw - 1000 PiecesCloudberries Skyline Jigsaw - 1000 Pieces
Cloudberries Chromatic Jigsaw - 1000 PiecesCloudberries Chromatic Jigsaw - 1000 Pieces
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Cloudberries Pixels Jigsaw - 1000 PiecesCloudberries Pixels Jigsaw - 1000 Pieces
Cloudberries Outpost Jigsaw - 1000 PiecesCloudberries Outpost Jigsaw - 1000 Pieces
Cloudberries Mountain Jigsaw - 1000 PiecesCloudberries Mountain Jigsaw - 1000 Pieces