Vinco puzzles are produced in the Czech Republic by craftsman Václav Obšivač. With a huge range of wooden puzzles he makes various styles including packing puzzles, interlocking and coordinated motion styles. 


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One Minute PuzzleOne Minute Puzzle
One Minute Puzzle Sale price£7.95
Cube Vinco PuzzleCube Vinco Puzzle
Cube Vinco Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Square AC2 PuzzleSquare AC2 Puzzle
Square AC2 Puzzle Sale price£14.95
Brickpack PuzzleBrickpack Puzzle
Brickpack Puzzle Sale price£17.95
Ball Room PuzzleBall Room Puzzle
Ball Room Puzzle Sale price£19.95
Teapico PuzzleTeapico Puzzle
Teapico Puzzle Sale price£19.95
Box Packing 356Box Packing 356
Box Packing 356 Sale price£19.95
Cuboval Sale price£24.95
Hexator PuzzleHexator Puzzle
Hexator Puzzle Sale price£25.95
OMPIC PuzzleOMPIC Puzzle
OMPIC Puzzle Sale price£27.95
Heblo PuzzleHeblo Puzzle
Heblo Puzzle Sale price£29.95
EPIC PuzzleEPIC Puzzle
EPIC Puzzle Sale price£29.95
Try-Bal 332 PuzzleTry-Bal 332 Puzzle
Try-Bal 332 Puzzle Sale price£32.95
Trick-Box PuzzleTrick-Box Puzzle
Trick-Box Puzzle Sale price£35.95
Akadia Puzzle - LAkadia Puzzle - L
Akadia Puzzle - L Sale price£37.95
Special Box 507Special Box 507
Special Box 507 Sale price£38.95
Try-Cycle PuzzleTry-Cycle Puzzle
Try-Cycle Puzzle Sale price£39.95
Try-Bal Cube PuzzleTry-Bal Cube Puzzle
Try-Bal Cube Puzzle Sale price£39.95
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Bibox PuzzleBibox Puzzle
Bibox Puzzle Sale price£49.95
Octahedron BoxOctahedron Box
Octahedron Box Sale price£49.95