Another 1% to Trees for Life

Another 1% to Trees for Life
As another 1% donation of our Sales heads off to Trees for Life, a Scotland based charity with the aim of creating a revitalised wild forest in the Scottish highlands, we sit with giddy excitement at the idea of our very own Crux Puzzles forest. If you weren't aware, Crux, and sister companies Cascade and Cipher, now have a grove of trees around Dundreggan, Trees for Lifes main site, just south of Inverness. While we didn't get to pick which tree's got planted, or where, it has been amazing to imagine the growth of the grove through the year. We're now upto 191 trees! Though the question of how many trees make a forest, still goes unanswered, we have the aim of getting our grove to 1,000! Within the next 5 years! That sounds like a forest to us. And your already helping us on that journey with every purchase you make from the Crux store. But if you want to do something extra, you can digitally visit our Grove and donate directly to it, right here. And to find our more about the amazing work Trees for Life are doing, just click below.

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