New Karakuri Puzzles Available

New Karakuri Puzzles Available
We recently took delivery of three new puzzles from the Japanese Karakrui Group. First up is the Egg puzzle made by Akio Kamei. This one is not a new puzzle but a re-make of a popular design. Made from cherry and complete with a stand this one will look great as a display piece. The solution is a pleasing one too with a little hidden suprise once you crack it. The second puzzle box was the Moon and Bear created by Yoh Kakuda. Being familiar with the work of Yoh Kakuda with the Ronaporthe puzzle we stock this one was equally as pleasing. Made from Walnut it is a fun design that doesn't want to be taken too seriously. Inspired by the Asian black bear the moon must be there for a reason right..? This would make an excellent gift for a puzzle loving individual. The final puzzle we received was the Ripple Out puzzle box by Osamu Kasho. At first glance this is just an attractive box with a drawer but the drawer won't open. The two panels on top will slide and the semi circle design aligns with every step the panels hit. Once you have solved this you see something impressive and the drawer will open. This one is made from Walnut, Sono Keling and Maple. While being an expensive puzzle this is one for real puzzle enthusiasts.

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