Slow and Steady Grows a Forest

Slow and Steady Grows a Forest

We're sure you know by now, Crux, and sister companies, Cascade and Cipher have been donating 1% of all sales to various charities that are working towards making positive changes in the world.

And yes, we are celebrating another donation to the amazing 'Trees for Life' and the Cascade Grove they're looking after.

Watching our bundle of trees grow from a distance, we are feeling so thankful that this amazing organisation exists. As our minds turn to how the forest could look in 10/20 years time, that thanks swells all the more.

Trees for Life are well aware of the importance of the next generation, and rather than just trying to provide a forest for them to enjoy, they are actively engaging Schools from the local community to engage young people and share ideas, knowledge, and stories about nature restoration and its possibilities. How exciting to think of the next generation growing up with the knowledge, skills and passion to help protect the environment.

To read more about the amazing work they are involved with or to make a donation of your own, just click on the link below.

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