Cube Puzzles

Cube puzzles are very well known and hugely popular. The classic shape is the 3x3x3 but they come in a range of sizes and styles for anyone looking for a further challenge.


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GAN Pyraminx MGAN Pyraminx M
GAN Pyraminx M Sale price£21.95
GAN Skewb MGAN Skewb M
GAN Skewb M Sale price£23.95
GAN460 M Speed CubeGAN460 M Speed Cube
GAN460 M Speed Cube Sale price£59.95
GAN249 Speed CubeGAN249 Speed Cube
GAN249 Speed Cube Sale price£13.95
V-Cube 7x7x7
V-Cube 7x7x7 Sale price£28.95
Meffert's Morph's EggMeffert's Morph's Egg
Meffert's Morph's Egg Sale price£17.95
V-Cube 5x5x5V-Cube 5x5x5
V-Cube 5x5x5 Sale price£19.95
Meffert's Pyraminx DiamondMeffert's Pyraminx Diamond
Meffert's Pyraminx Diamond Sale price£19.95
GAN11 M Pro Speed CubeGAN11 M Pro Speed Cube
GAN11 M Pro Speed Cube Sale price£49.95
V-Cube 8x8x8
V-Cube 8x8x8 Sale price£44.95
Meffert's Pocket CubeMeffert's Pocket Cube
Meffert's Pocket Cube Sale price£17.95
GAN Display StandGAN Display Stand
GAN Display Stand Sale price£6.95
GAN12 M Leap Speed CubeGAN12 M Leap Speed Cube
GAN12 M Leap Speed Cube Sale price£59.95
Meffert's Pyraminx CrystalMeffert's Pyraminx Crystal
Meffert's Pyraminx Crystal Sale price£19.95
Meffert's Skewb UltimateMeffert's Skewb Ultimate
Meffert's Skewb Ultimate Sale price£17.95
Meffert's Gear Cube XXLMeffert's Gear Cube XXL
Meffert's Gear Cube XXL Sale price£29.95
GAN354 M Speed CubeGAN354 M Speed Cube
GAN354 M Speed Cube Sale price£24.95