GanCube are a Chinese based company specialising in high quality cube puzzles. With some of the most respected models on the market these are perfect for all abilities.


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GAN Triangular Cube StandGAN Triangular Cube Stand
GAN Triangular Cube Stand Sale price£2.95
GAN Display StandGAN Display Stand
GAN Display Stand Sale price£6.95
GAN249 Speed CubeGAN249 Speed Cube
GAN249 Speed Cube Sale price£13.95
GANCube 356RS Speed CubeGANCube 356RS Speed Cube
GANCube 356RS Speed Cube Sale price£14.95
GAN Pyraminx MGAN Pyraminx M
GAN Pyraminx M Sale price£21.95
GAN356 M Lite Speed CubeGAN356 M Lite Speed Cube
GAN356 M Lite Speed Cube Sale price£23.95
GAN Skewb MGAN Skewb M
GAN Skewb M Sale price£23.95
GAN251M Air Speed CubeGAN251M Air Speed Cube
GAN251M Air Speed Cube Sale price£23.95
GAN354 M Speed CubeGAN354 M Speed Cube
GAN354 M Speed Cube Sale price£24.95
GAN11 M Pro Speed CubeGAN11 M Pro Speed Cube
GAN11 M Pro Speed Cube Sale price£49.95
GAN12 M Leap Speed CubeGAN12 M Leap Speed Cube
GAN12 M Leap Speed Cube Sale price£59.95
GAN460 M Speed CubeGAN460 M Speed Cube
GAN460 M Speed Cube Sale price£59.95
GAN MegaminxGAN Megaminx
GAN Megaminx Sale price£59.95
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GAN 356 i3 CubeGAN 356 i3 Cube
GAN 356 i3 Cube Sale price£59.95
GAN RobotGAN Robot
GAN Robot Sale price£69.95