Maze Puzzles

In order to solve these puzzles you need to navigate a maze. Although sometimes it is not just one maze or perhaps you want to pit yourself against the blind mazes of Inside3.


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Intrism Level One DIY Marble MazeIntrism Level One DIY Marble Maze
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Bi-Nary PuzzleBi-Nary Puzzle
Bi-Nary Puzzle Sale price£39.95
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Intrism Pro DIY Marble MazeIntrism Pro DIY Marble Maze
Intrism Pro DIY Marble Maze Sale price£119.95
Daetilus Maze PuzzleDaetilus Maze Puzzle
Daetilus Maze Puzzle Sale price£49.95
Intrism Mini DIY Marble MazeIntrism Mini DIY Marble Maze
Wellenbox Sale price£139.95
Star Path PuzzleStar Path Puzzle
Star Path Puzzle Sale price£17.95
JC's Lock PuzzleJC's Lock Puzzle
JC's Lock Puzzle Sale price£15.95
C'est la Vie PuzzleC'est la Vie Puzzle
C'est la Vie Puzzle Sale price£12.95