Uwe Meffert began creating puzzles back in the 1970s. His initial designs were from wood and rubber bands but have developed a lot since then! Regarded as one of the leading makers of rotating puzzles in the world you will find some very interesting designs here.


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Meffert Hollow 2x2x2 CubeMeffert Hollow 2x2x2 Cube
Meffert Hollow 2x2x2 Cube Sale price£13.95
Meffert's Gear CubeMeffert's Gear Cube
Meffert's Gear Cube Sale price£17.95
Sold out
Meffert's Molecube PuzzleMeffert's Molecube Puzzle
Meffert's Molecube Puzzle Sale price£17.95
Meffert's Pocket CubeMeffert's Pocket Cube
Meffert's Pocket Cube Sale price£17.95
Meffert's Skewb UltimateMeffert's Skewb Ultimate
Meffert's Skewb Ultimate Sale price£17.95
Meffert's Morph's EggMeffert's Morph's Egg
Meffert's Morph's Egg Sale price£17.95
Sold out
Meffert Hollow CubeMeffert Hollow Cube
Meffert Hollow Cube Sale price£18.95
Sold out
Meffert's Ghost CubeMeffert's Ghost Cube
Meffert's Ghost Cube Sale price£19.95
Meffert Ghost XtremeMeffert Ghost Xtreme
Meffert Ghost Xtreme Sale price£19.95
Meffert's MegaminxMeffert's Megaminx
Meffert's Megaminx Sale price£19.95
Meffert's Pyraminx DiamondMeffert's Pyraminx Diamond
Meffert's Pyraminx Diamond Sale price£19.95
Meffert's Pyraminx CrystalMeffert's Pyraminx Crystal
Meffert's Pyraminx Crystal Sale price£19.95
Meffert's Gear BallMeffert's Gear Ball
Meffert's Gear Ball Sale price£22.95
Meffert Maltese Gear CubeMeffert Maltese Gear Cube
Meffert Maltese Gear Cube Sale price£23.95
Meffert's Gear Cube XXLMeffert's Gear Cube XXL
Meffert's Gear Cube XXL Sale price£29.95