Metal Puzzles

Metal puzzles are great because they can involve pieces and solutions that are very difficult or impossible to create with wood. These are available in a range of difficulty levels.


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Hanayama Cast Loop Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Loop Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Chess King Puzzle
Chess King Puzzle Sale price£36.95
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Chess Pawn Puzzle
Chess Pawn Puzzle Sale price£24.95
Hanayama Cast Donuts Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Donuts Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Hanayama Cast Chain Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Chain Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Piston Puzzle
Piston Puzzle Sale price£210.00
Kepler Sale price£84.95
Hanayama Cast Medallion PuzzleHanayama Cast Medallion Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Key II PuzzleHanayama Cast Key II Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Key II Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Chess Bishop Puzzle
Chess Bishop Puzzle Sale price£29.95
Hanayama Duet Puzzle
Hanayama Duet Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Hanayama Cast Rotor PuzzleHanayama Cast Rotor Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Rotor Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Hanayama Cast Quartet Puzzle
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Hanayama Zelda Master Sword PuzzleHanayama Zelda Master Sword Puzzle
Hip-Flask PuzzleHip-Flask Puzzle
Hip-Flask Puzzle Sale price£189.95
Hanayama Cast Cake Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Cake Puzzle Sale price£12.95
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Chess Rook Puzzle
Chess Rook Puzzle Sale price£23.95
Hanayama Cast Arrows Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Arrows Puzzle Sale price£12.95
Chess Queen Puzzle
Chess Queen Puzzle Sale price£35.95
Hanayama Cast Trinity Puzzle
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Peppermint Stick - 4 PiecesPeppermint Stick - 4 Pieces
Hanayama Cast Helix Puzzle
Hanayama Cast Helix Puzzle Sale price£13.95