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This is a selection of interesting puzzles that come in a variety of different styles. They may be take apart puzzles or mazes with some unusual and fun designs found here.


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The Case of the Priceless CoinThe Case of the Priceless Coin
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Keebox Yellow Puzzle BoxKeebox Yellow Puzzle Box
Keebox Yellow Puzzle Box Sale price£79.95
Enigma IV Cipher MachineEnigma IV Cipher Machine
Enigma IV Cipher Machine Sale price£69.95
Napier's BonesNapier's Bones
Napier's Bones Sale price£39.95
Arcanum PuzzleArcanum Puzzle
Arcanum Puzzle Sale price£34.95
A Bolt From The Blue PuzzleA Bolt From The Blue Puzzle
A Bolt From The Blue Puzzle Sale price£64.95
60 Alpha Puzzle60 Alpha Puzzle
60 Alpha Puzzle Sale price£29.95
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Keebox Blue Puzzle BoxKeebox Blue Puzzle Box
Keebox Blue Puzzle Box Sale price£41.95
Math CandlesMath Candles
Math Candles Sale price£19.95
Anti-Gravity Puzzle Box - MetalAnti-Gravity Puzzle Box - Metal
Two Brass Monkeys The Monkeys' NutsTwo Brass Monkeys The Monkeys' Nuts
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Bi-Nary PuzzleBi-Nary Puzzle
Bi-Nary Puzzle Sale price£39.95
The Locked Wine PuzzleThe Locked Wine Puzzle
The Locked Wine Puzzle Sale price£13.95
Crayon Lego Puzzle BoxCrayon Lego Puzzle Box
Crayon Lego Puzzle Box Sale price£104.95
Cascade Cryptex Puzzle BoxCascade Cryptex Puzzle Box
Cascade Cryptex Puzzle Box Sale price£164.95