Puzzle Boxes

Puzzle Boxes are a style of puzzle that involves opening the object in order to solve it. They can come in a variety of shapes and designs and the solutions are often very clever methods.


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Z-Box PuzzleZ-Box Puzzle
Z-Box Puzzle Sale price£31.95
TransylvanyArt Secret Box - LargeTransylvanyArt Secret Box - Large
NKD Minipunk Puzzle Box KitNKD Minipunk Puzzle Box Kit
NKD Minipunk Puzzle Box Kit Sale price£32.95
Secret Lock Box - Premium RubberwoodSecret Lock Box - Premium Rubberwood
Sold out
Centrale BoxCentrale Box
Centrale Box Sale price£34.95
Radbox PuzzleRadbox Puzzle
Radbox Puzzle Sale price£34.95
Sold out
Bee Box
Bee Box Sale price£34.95
Sold out
Japanese Puzzle Box - Small - 5 StepsJapanese Puzzle Box - Small - 5 Steps
Quest Ball Secret BoxQuest Ball Secret Box
Quest Ball Secret Box Sale price£34.95
Pueblo Secret Lock BoxPueblo Secret Lock Box
Pueblo Secret Lock Box Sale price£35.95
Cluebox - Schrodinger's Cat Puzzle BoxCluebox - Schrodinger's Cat Puzzle Box
Sold out
Pandora BoxPandora Box
Pandora Box Sale price£35.95
Flohcircus Sale price£36.95
Orbital Puzzle BoxOrbital Puzzle Box
Orbital Puzzle Box Sale price£37.95
Pick Lock BoxPick Lock Box
Pick Lock Box Sale price£39.95
Space Puzzle BoxSpace Puzzle Box
Space Puzzle Box Sale price£39.95
Sold out
Puzzle Box 06Puzzle Box 06
Puzzle Box 06 Sale price£39.95
Puzzle Box 02Puzzle Box 02
Puzzle Box 02 Sale price£39.95
Sold out
PLD Puzzle BoxPLD Puzzle Box
PLD Puzzle Box Sale price£39.95
Cluebox - Captain Nemo Puzzle BoxCluebox - Captain Nemo Puzzle Box
Cluebox - Davy Jones Locker Puzzle BoxCluebox - Davy Jones Locker Puzzle Box
Cluebox - The Trial of Camelot Puzzle BoxCluebox - The Trial of Camelot Puzzle Box