1% To Crops In Pots

1% To Crops In Pots
We love to be able to donate 1% of our sales to good causes. Recently we were excited to give to a local organisation Crops in Pots. They run an urban croft in the Leith area of Edinburgh and provide training and space for growing food alongside fostering community and running programs to develop a more sustainable way of living. Reading their Ethos it certainly resonated with some of our values. A more considered outlook to consumerism where selecting purely on price can be mis-leading. We have been long time promoters of buying higher quality products that will last longer and reduce waste. One of the main criteria we consider alongside others when deciding on new additions to our store is certainly quality. Another thing that is nice to see is the increase in biodiversity in the space managed by Crops in Pots. Made up of a series of personal allotments and shared spaces it is clear to see how much more wildlife is in this relatively small space compared with the huge links park next door. During recent months I think a lot of people have come to better understand the value in being outside and working alongside the earth. I think this will re-affirm the work Crops in Pots are doing and hopefully see more people get involved with their projects. Check out Crops in Pots here.

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