1% to Trees for Life

1% to Trees for Life

At the beginning of this year we decided to do something to try and support environmental charities.

As a way of giving back we are giving 1% of all our shop and website sales to charities that are doing something to improve the environment or fight climate change.

We will be making four donations per year and when it came to make our first donation it felt great to send off the money to Trees for Life.

Trees for Life are a Scottish based charity with the aim of creating a revitalised wild forest in the Scottish highlands that will benefit wildlife and the community. They have already planted over 2 million trees with plans for millions more. With ambitious long range plans they continue to do some great work on improving the natural habitat while fighting climate change.

We'd like to also thank everyone for their continued support, especially during these crazy times, without you we wouldn't be able to make these contributions!

If you want to find out more about Trees for Life you can check our their website here.

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