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Hanayama Marble Review

Hanayama Marble Review
This week one of the puzzles I had a look at was the Hanayama Marble. One of the pocket sized designs this was rated a 5 out of 6 stars of difficulty on their rating scale. The premise as with all Hanayama puzzles is to take it apart and then put it back together. There are two outer pieces with a two inner pieces forming a 'marble' that rotates around inside the housing. You can twist and turn the pieces but it's not immediately obvious how you are going to seperate them. While playing this there is a chance you might stumble across the solution to take it apart but chances are you won't. Once you have cracked the first half of the challenge you still need to get them back together. For this part if you didn't realise what was happening to take them apart you may get stumped. If you did though this step is pretty straight forward but oh so satisfying. I had this sitting on my desk for the week and cannot stop fiddling with it, taking it apart and re-assembling. Eventually I had to put it away in order to get some work done. All in all a really nice little that I think would be good for intermediate puzzlers or a nice challenge for beginners. You can find the Marble here.

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