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Eleven L's Puzzle Review
Puzzle Review

Eleven L's Puzzle Review

Using logic to solve the Eleven L's puzzle.

Puzzle ReviewEye of Horus Puzzle Review

Eye of Horus Puzzle Review

A review of the Eye of Horus puzzle designed by Constantin of Germany. A great entry level puzzle box!

Puzzle ReviewOutback Puzzle Review

Outback Puzzle Review

We take a look at Outback puzzle, designed by Stewart Coffin and made by Creative Crafthouse.

Puzzle ReviewBibox Review

Bibox Review

Bibox is a very well made puzzle from Vinco, we take a look.

Puzzle ReviewCount on Me! Review

Count on Me! Review

Count On Me! is a fun wooden puzzle designed by Martin Watson of the UK.

Puzzle ReviewBalancing Act Puzzle Review

Balancing Act Puzzle Review

How can you balance six nails on the head of just one? We take a look at Balancing Act puzzle.

Puzzle ReviewRook Chess Piece Puzzle Review

Rook Chess Piece Puzzle Review

We take a look at the Rook piece puzzle from Hanayama.

Puzzle ReviewHanayama Marble Review

Hanayama Marble Review

We have a look at the Hanayama Marble, a really nice pocket sized puzzle.

Puzzle ReviewPuzzle Box 04

Puzzle Box 04

We take a look at the Puzzle ox 04 from Siebenstein Spiele, a fun but fairly easy puzzle box.

Puzzle ReviewFun Lock Puzzle - Review

Fun Lock Puzzle - Review

The Fun Lock is the entry level puzzle from Puzzlocks, we take a look and give our thoughts.