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The Lucky L Puzzle - Review

The Lucky L Puzzle - Review

The Lucky L puzzle is designed and handmade by Creative Crafthouse of the US. It features twelve wooden L-shaped pieces that you have to try and fit within the base frame. It comes with a wooden lid and once you take this off you find the puzzle wih ten pieces on the frame and two loose pieces. So if you don't want to know you can disregard the solution that comes with it (I absolutely advise doing this!).

The quality of this one is nice with steel pins within the base and the pieces made from a selection of hardwoods which gives it a nicer feel than if it was made with wooden pins and uniform pieces. Each piece has a hole within it which fits over the pin and you can play around with this straight away with the aim being obvious meaning everyone can give it a shot and you will always get relatively close.

As to the name, an engraving on the front reads that good luck will come to those that manage to solve the puzzle. Having solved this I am not sure I can guarantee the validity of this claim but I did find a random £5 note in the street recently so I won't write it off. Perhaps a lottery ticket this weekend would be worth the investment...

Below you can see a youtube review of the Lucky L puzzle - the solution is shown but warning is given so watch out if you don't want to see it. If you want to see more puzzle videos make sure to subscribe to us here.

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