Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse is a USA based puzzle manufacturer. They work primarily in wood and create a wide range of interesting puzzles with some of their own unique design.


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Nightmare BoxNightmare Box
Nightmare Box Sale price£16.95
Martin's Menace - SmallMartin's Menace - Small
Martin's Menace - Small Sale price£16.95
Impossible Joint
Impossible Joint Sale price£17.95
The Elusive SpyThe Elusive Spy
The Elusive Spy Sale price£17.95
Sold out
Short CircuitShort Circuit
Short Circuit Sale price£17.95
Cigar Nub PuzzleCigar Nub Puzzle
Cigar Nub Puzzle Sale price£17.95
Sold out
Devils CubeDevils Cube
Devils Cube Sale price£17.95
Amazing PiAmazing Pi
Amazing Pi Sale price£17.95
Computer Chip PuzzleComputer Chip Puzzle
Computer Chip Puzzle Sale price£17.95
Log Jam PuzzleLog Jam Puzzle
Log Jam Puzzle Sale price£18.95
Devil's SquareDevil's Square
Devil's Square Sale price£18.95
Outback PuzzleOutback Puzzle
Outback Puzzle Sale price£18.95
Tower of Hanoi - 7 RingTower of Hanoi - 7 Ring
Tower of Hanoi - 7 Ring Sale price£19.95
Sold out
Twist and Shout PuzzleTwist and Shout Puzzle
Twist and Shout Puzzle Sale price£19.95
Peg Jump 6Peg Jump 6
Peg Jump 6 Sale price£19.95
Bricked PuzzleBricked Puzzle
Bricked Puzzle Sale price£19.95
Sold out
Cannonball Pyramid PuzzleCannonball Pyramid Puzzle
Cannonball Pyramid Puzzle Sale price£19.95
Math CandlesMath Candles
Math Candles Sale price£19.95
Sold out
Shippers Dilemma - ZShippers Dilemma - Z
Shippers Dilemma - Z Sale price£19.95
Game Ball PuzzleGame Ball Puzzle
Game Ball Puzzle Sale price£21.95