Karakuri Group

The Karakuri Creation Group from Japan are well known for their creative and beautiful puzzle boxes. A collective of traditional artisan craftsmen, their puzzles are always made in limited batches. A top choice for us here at Crux.


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New Secret Box 4New Secret Box 4
New Secret Box 4 Sale price£89.95
Sold out
Hakone Fuji Puzzle BoxHakone Fuji Puzzle Box
Hakone Fuji Puzzle Box Sale price£99.95
Egg Puzzle BoxEgg Puzzle Box
Egg Puzzle Box Sale price£124.95
Sold out
Karakuri Double Box PuzzleKarakuri Double Box Puzzle
Karakuri Double Box Puzzle Sale price£129.95
Sold out
Karakuri Star Night Puzzle BoxKarakuri Star Night Puzzle Box
Sold out
Expansion Puzzle BoxExpansion Puzzle Box
Expansion Puzzle Box Sale price£139.95
Dice Puzzle BoxDice Puzzle Box
Dice Puzzle Box Sale price£144.95
Sold out
Bara-Bara Puzzle Box: PhilosopherBara-Bara Puzzle Box: Philosopher
Deception BoxDeception Box
Deception Box Sale price£159.95
Two Step Trick Drawer Puzzle BoxTwo Step Trick Drawer Puzzle Box
Cassiopeia Puzzle BoxCassiopeia Puzzle Box
Cassiopeia Puzzle Box Sale price£174.95
Sold out
Whale Type-IWhale Type-I
Whale Type-I Sale price£174.95
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Toaster Puzzle BoxToaster Puzzle Box
Toaster Puzzle Box Sale price£179.95
Fortune Cards Puzzle BoxFortune Cards Puzzle Box
Fortune Cards Puzzle Box Sale price£179.95
Covered Chimney Puzzle BoxCovered Chimney Puzzle Box
Covered Chimney Puzzle Box Sale price£224.95
Sold out
A Chance MeetingA Chance Meeting
A Chance Meeting Sale price£249.95
Ninja Puzzle BoxNinja Puzzle Box
Ninja Puzzle Box Sale price£259.95
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Secret Base Puzzle BoxSecret Base Puzzle Box
Secret Base Puzzle Box Sale price£274.95
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Skyscrapers Puzzle BoxSkyscrapers Puzzle Box
Skyscrapers Puzzle Box Sale price£275.00
Sold out
Moon and Bear PuzzleMoon and Bear Puzzle
Moon and Bear Puzzle Sale price£289.95